who should be the first to tell about breaking-up, the girl or the boy?

@EdnaReyes (2626)
October 28, 2010 4:52am CST
Breaking-up is one of the saddest part in any relationship, both sides are hurting and passing through a difficult time, in any case, who do you think should tell about the break-up, the girl or the boy?
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@Ritchelle (3795)
• Philippines
28 Oct 10
i think the person who sees there is something wrong with the relationship and sees no hope in making it work should initiate any break up. otherwise, the relationship would be more difficult and both of them would be hurting more. who knows? this maybe fate's way of letting them know how important the other one is when they take that time off.
• Philippines
28 Oct 10
I agree with this answer. No sense in prolonging the relationship if you feel like you've already fallen out of love. Yeah, the person who doesn't feel contented over their relationship should initiate the break-up. It'll hurt yes, but it'll hurt even more if they tried to prolong it.
@sanjay91422 (2726)
• India
1 Aug 12
I agree with the first response to the discussion. Both gets hurted when we get departed and if we don't then they can end up hurting each other more. It is always advisable to say it straight and in a respectable way to get the relation end. It is always hard to do that but one can do that if have enough courage. I know it is really hard because we care for each other.
@512771751 (1096)
• China
21 Jul 12
Just as you say, breaking-up is so sad to both of the two persons, but I don't think there is any difference that girls or the boy tell about the break-up first.
@youless (99248)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Oct 10
Even if the man doesn't love his girlfriend any more, but to be a gentleman, he should let the girl to say break-up at first. Man can suffer the pain of breakup. Whereas woman will be quite sad. This pain may last for a long time. In order to let the girl to keep the dignity, a nice man shall not say breakup at first. I love China