The day we remebered them is the day we feel sadness

October 29, 2010 12:00am CST
Two days from now we will celebrate are annual fest of All Saints Day.Trying to remembered and reminisce the day that they still exist. As we light the candle for sure we will remembered the days that they still with us,talk with us,smile and laugh with us,have fun with us, cry with us, share some problems with us and of course show how much they love us. It is sad but we have to accept the truth that someday we will be with them on the exact time.As you light the candles on make some Pray for them, they soul and have a restful life in the arms of our God.How can you accept the truth that one of our love ones is not existing anymore.How do you celebrate your all saints day with your family. Happy My Lotting Guys and Have a peaceful All Saint's Day!
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