I am mad with my friend

October 29, 2010 2:59pm CST
guy's what did you do if your friend stole your partner? I mean my friend Leslie took my boyfriend. I don't know what happened because one of my friend told me about the news. They said that my friend get pregnant and my boyfriend is the father of the baby. Oh My God. I felt I am melting when I heard the news that's why I am not able to make any discussions for the past 2 days because I am not feeling good and okay.
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• United States
29 Oct 10
This man is not worthy of your time and energy. I lived through the same thing. I was stupid enough to even cry over it. I woke up and saw he was not worth it. This man was never yours if he could do such a thing to you. Just hope and pray you don't have anything from his sexually and move on. don't give wither of them the time or your energy. You can get better in due time.
• Philippines
29 Oct 10
Hello gift. Yeah, now I realized how stupid I am for thinking him give my time for him. Yeah, it is better to move on that to think him always , I know that he ruined my life if I am always remember him. I supposed to think to cut my life but I know it is not good that's why I am starting to move on. I know it really hurts and I am stupid if I say to you that I am moving on now which is not true. I'll try myself to follow your advice. They are not worth for my love and care. They are cheaters and hope they live happy for what they did to me. Well, thanks for sharing your comments with us and have a nice day ahead Godbless
• United States
30 Oct 10
He did not ruin your life. Your still in a position to lead a healthy life. You have your true friends,family and life. Take those and be happy. Don't worry about the rest in time you will get over it and a nice gentlemen will come inot your life. You need to rid this bad news from your life so,you can life a happier life. Take care..
@SIMPLYD (89774)
• Philippines
4 Feb 11
Understandably. one will get mad at a friend who stole her boyfriend. But i guess, you should be madder to your boyfriend for having two-timed you. Anyway, it's better that you have known your boyfriend that early. He is not worthy of your love. Move on. . .look for somebody worthy of you. The pain will of course be great, but just think of your anger for them and for sure you will overcome the pain.
• India
27 Nov 10
If it is true then Go and kick the backside of it!!!! Simple***, You shouldn't trust on him..... If U were in serious love with him then I can't say what to do with gals (I mean you friend Leslie)....
@youless (98207)
• Guangzhou, China
1 Nov 10
This is so bad. Of course you have enough reasons to be mad at both of them. This kind of behavior is terrible. A friend should never steal his/her friend's love. If they really fall in love, at first your boyfriend should solve this problem. Such as he should breakup with you and then have relationship with your friend. But now they did all of this cheating behavior and this is so disgusting. I love China
• United States
29 Oct 10
So very sorry to hear of this not one but two bad news with your ex-boyfriend. Although very bad, and it will take you time to recover, keep telling yourself that it is best now and not when perhaps you were married to him and or had children with him. Tell yourself that you are worthy of much more and clearly this guy does not deserve any sympathy. Take care and keep your self busy and do not let him or anyone make you feel bad. It was his wrong doing you have done nothing wrong. Good luck carguarden I wish you well.