blair or serena?

October 30, 2010 2:16am CST
who between the 2 lead girls do you like? or love to hate? why?!
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@miryana (52)
• Bulgaria
1 Jul 11
blair!! she is fun, i think she is smarter than serena:D and she has chuck's heart! ohh and most of all she is brunette
@bhonti (1246)
• Philippines
28 Jun 11
i sooooo love blair waldorf.. i love how the actress Leighton Meester portray her role. She made me wanna hate and love blair at the same time.. She is the best when it come to scheming plans that would ruin someone who gets in her way. I love how she love her friends and how she destroys them sometimes. And most of all, I love her love story my Chuck Bass, i often cry while watching their scenes together,, specially when ther break up. :( They sooo look good together.. Blair Waldorf is the best! btw.. i dont like how serene talks.. haha!
@mkchaves (530)
• Canada
10 May 11
i love blair better. her character is more polished than serena. but in the book, you'll get to love serena better. she's supposed to be prettier and more interesting than blair but in the tv series, blair is more interesting and prettier.. well, that's my perception. ^_^
@orang13 (723)
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
I cannot choose! This could be one of the most complicated ones I have to face. However, upon weighing maybe i'll go for Serena because she's too lose and carefree. She does what she think would please her but she tries everything to be cool and smooth without hurting anyone. She has freedom.
• Philippines
26 Jun 11
the two are such great actors and brings the characters well. i find serena prettier but i prefer blair because the character brings more substance on the show than with serena. serena is so weak when it comes to boys unlike blair who has this ability scheme to get what she wants. just my opinion.
• Malaysia
26 Jun 11
BLAIR BLAIR !! she is stunning
@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
30 Oct 10
I like them both, I think they are both awesome characters on the show, and they have great style too. But if I have to pick on of them, I would go for Serena (Blake Lively), because she is a blonde like me, hehe.
@onque10 (110)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
I love both of them. They have similarities like they are both persistent to find they true love (i mean we all are). They are also passionate in their own ways and they really care for each other. They always wanted to get what they want but they consider each other's feelings as well. Blair is conservative (i think the way she dress sometimes) but Serena is the totally liberated. They are both sexy yet sophisticated in their own way. I love Blair's pretty face but I love Serena's sexy body and beautiful hair. I would like to hate Serena for jumping into all guys' lap but I can't hate her for she is too beautiful and caring.
• China
31 Oct 10
No doubt i will say that i love Q B much more. Serena is pretty sexy, yet commonly. Blair has such specail, classical, and elegant looks that she catch my eye balls at the first sight. Every detail of her-the mysterious brown hair, the lovely hair-ribbon, and the outstanding dressing style-shows us a girl with strong aristocrat flaver. However, her confidence with a little evil is the most attractive feature to me.