do you play online games?

October 30, 2010 3:27am CST
I'm not so fond of those role-playing games like counter-strike, warcraft, grand theft auto, and then there's haboo, or something, but I do enjoy the facebook applications like mafia wars... how about you?
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@elitess (5070)
• Ipswich, England
12 Dec 10
Hello bevz. I must start by saying that you are really uninformed. you are referring perhaps at online games not role playing games - counter-strike is a team 1st person shooter, warcraft is a strategy game, and only grand theft auto is a rpg game, where you get in the role of tony vercetti and latter in other's people places. However - rpg games are considered: Gothic series, Diablo series, Elder Scrools series, Sacred Series, neverwinter nights series etc. I haven't played online games like you mentioned recently, but have spent a while trying various facebook games - but they kind of bore my. I have a garden game at hi5 that i enjoy and use daily. I also love and play plants and zombies at the moment
@lady1993 (27151)
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
I love playing games...not so much role-playing games though. But I did like Warcraft before.. I liked doing the missions and fighting monsters stuff. But I prefer facebook since it's much simpler and I love playing with my friends and see who gets the highest score. just for fun
@sylvia13 (1850)
• Nelson Bay, Australia
31 Oct 10
I don't like playing online games anymore, but what I do like doing are online jigsaw puzzles! They have improved a lot lately and one gets a tremendous variety as far as pictures, puzzle pieces and cuts! It is very relaxing and good for the brain too!
@uath13 (8192)
• United States
31 Oct 10
I'm a Runescape fanatic. I'd play WOW but dial up isn't good for it.
@youless (109400)
• Guangzhou, China
3 Nov 10
I like playing games. However, I can't often play it because I know I can be addicted to it. I don't want to waste the time on playing the games because I have many important things to do. Besides, I have to be a good example for my child. Perhaps I will play the games after I am retired:) I love China
@stanley777 (9397)
• Philippines
3 Nov 10
I also enjoy many facebook applications and not so much of those rpg..they are quite complicated to me.
@luffy7 (818)
• Singapore
30 Oct 10
i play online games like DOTA , FIFA 11 and new MMO like lord of the rings online its fun
@marguicha (199288)
• Chile
30 Oct 10
I plat games at Pogo. They are not online games properly because you have to be a member to play and they┬┤s asite with avatars, tockens, badges and a lot of games.
@kai9999 (1701)
• India
31 Oct 10
yes i play in worldwinner and one flying game in facebook, recently i stopped using facebook a lot. my tast is nfs, pc game....i play it at least 30 min a day or other racing games like midtown maddness....etc
@asendud (318)
• Indonesia
31 Oct 10
i like game online like luna, and i wonder about ragnarok.. there is a monster to beat and much more quest...hmm i think that's a good game
• Philippines
30 Oct 10
I play games in Y8 because of many varieties mostly racing and adventure games and recently I'm enjoying Facebook's Ninja Saga, Farmville and etc. The games are really fun.
• India
30 Oct 10
Hi! Until now I've only played offline gamesand they were fun. Online gaming is fun but it lacks versatility and is a big waste of time. Try playing offline games, they're fun, believe me! Happy mylotting!
• China
30 Oct 10
hello friend . i don't think paying games is good for us. and i am yong though . but i don't play it all the time . i just play online games when i am free or tired from job. so that s a good way to relax. but sometimes it attract me so much that i have to drop palying the online games. good luck .