Will the mentality of all the men and women same like depending on age?

men and women...... - Does men and women all over the world have same thoughts according to their age...
November 1, 2010 12:53am CST
Does the feelings and mentality of the people men and women be same like depending on age like if a man reaches andropause stage the feelings they feel like getting quickly irritated...etc...and viceversa in women....will it differ from place to place or same all over the world.....will it be same...or differs from one country to other.....
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@AKRao24 (27424)
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1 Nov 10
Good Topic of discussion dear Rorisricha ! Basically any character or trait, which in simple terms character seen externally depends upon two factor, one is genetic and another is environment. The genetic factor is governed by the set of genes an individual inherits from his/her parents and environmental factors include the surroundings in which one grows up! Thus it is very clear that to have similarity in both traits is practically next to impossible and hence every individual is a different individual with different characters which includes temperament , which in turn comprises of your feelings and mentality. Certain people are short tempered by virtue of their birth, they have these qualities in them because of the inherited genes from their parents, but with the proper up bringing and careful approach, to impart a systematic training can make a world of difference in such children. This is called environmental effect. Behavioural pattern is different in different individuals may be be before andropause or after andropause. Thus in the individual who is having short temperament is predisposed to the hormonal changes occur during the andropause stage than the individual who is balanced in nature. Such individuals are likely react more irritating or aggressive way than the later lot. Have you seen big leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nehruji etc who were having exceptionally very pleasing temperament till the end of their respective lives? They have trained themselves like that. Look at India's prime minister Mr.Man Mohan Singh, how cool and balanced is he.On the contrary if you look at a old man coming from an environment where he had to struggled through out his life just for existence, such man is bound to have short temperament and irritating behaviour. Thus it is the environment, which includes the surrounding things,surrounding people and facilities which can make difference in such an irritating behavioural individual. If you are having any such person around you just try to speak him with patience, give him some love and true affection,make him feel like he is some one who is cared for, make him feel important and good,instead or getting irritated with the behaviour of his try to befriend him. I am sure if you do all these things you will notice the changes in his behaviour. Any ways at the old age how irritating may one become, or how priestly maybe one, it becomes our moral, social and individual responsibility to look after these individuals with utmost care, love, affection and sincerity as these are the people who have seen the ups and downs of the life and had tough times in getting us to the present status,without these people we wouldn't have existed at all! Lets not forget one day all of us are going to be old and we will also be entering andropause/menopause stage and who knows how we will behave at that time? So to anticipate better behaviour from your surroundings please set an example today for the next generation so that you will also get the same at your old age! Thanks for a nice thought provoking discussion,I Like participating in it!
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3 Nov 10
Hi, Rao garu really the explanation you have given is excellent. I am much impressed with your comment. May I know what you do mean job? Yeah it's true what all the things you said quiet coinciding with my thoughts...Thank you for your valuable comment...take care...