android, blackberry, iphone... does it really matter?

November 1, 2010 10:30pm CST
all these new gadgets, bearing almost the same functions... do they really matter? how much do they really matter to today's business, communication, life? don't you miss the times when a hand held phone is only used for texting or calling? gone is the simplicity, right?
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• United States
2 Nov 10
For me I'm used to it because its all i've known. I mean i remember when cellphones looked like bricks back in like 2001 but i mean texting is so easy for me. And i like the touch screen of the iPhone. I've always liked apple products so it was an easy call for me to get the iPhone. Gone is the simplicity for those who used to carry around a "cell phone" big enough to look like a house phone. I think smart phones are great!
@laydee (12798)
• Philippines
2 Nov 10
I think it does matter to the owner of the gadget. I mean, I know that the cellphone's use should be primarily for calls and text messages. However, these companies are simply extending functions to facilitate other means of communication that could enhance the experience without increasing the costs (I hope!). I don't own an andriod or blackberry, but I do own an Iphone. With my Iphone I could do a lot of things even if I'm on-the-go. I don't need to bring bulky laptops or other gadgets to do important things ASAP. However, I think most people don't see the point of these phones because most who own them are really there for 'fashion' or 'image'. Even to the point of buying one even if they can't really afford it. All for the sake of 'lifestyle'. I guess if you really could afford them, and could see it's use in your life (aside from doing Facebook) then you're set to have an efficient gadget that could help you do your business, jobs, or profession.
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@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
4 Nov 10
Gone are the days of the simple phone I think, as they are making them more technological nowadays. My first cell phone was a brick and mortar phone, and it wassimple and I just used it for talking on back in 2003. Back then, we all thought they were good phones, and now, I think they are plain ugly, as they just don't have features like the phones now have. I have a smartphone, and this is my second one and I am going to stick with them, as they have enough features that I always have plenty do do on my phone. It hsa wifi, a 5mp camera, a touchscreen, and many other features. I am really enjoying my cell phone, and I have only had it a month. It is an Android phone, and the first one I have had. It doesn't have full flash yet as the system needs to be updated to Android 2.2. Once is updated, then I will bea able to play games right from the web pages. I am looking forward to that too. Smartphones to me are the greatest phones. Take care, and have a very good day.