Best blogging platform.

November 2, 2010 1:07pm CST
What is the best blogging platform, either free of cost or with minimum cost ?
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• India
22 Nov 10
hi doctordidi, I have used so many blogger site several are free and very useful.I am giving you name of some blogging site 1. 2. 3. these are free however in my opinion is best blogging site.
• India
22 Nov 10
my personally favorite is blogger, i have three blog with it, never had any problem with blogger. They also add new features every now and then so it is good and also it is not so much complicated like wordpress or typepad.
@re08dz (1941)
• Australia
2 Nov 10
Hi, For me personally wordpress is the best by far - from ease of use to the fact that's is much better for seo etc. If you plan to monetise it you'll need to either find a free host that has wordpress (there's plenty around) or get your own domain and hosting (say under $10 a month) I have several blogs all on wordpress and have never had a problem with it.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
8 Nov 10
i think it's blogger, because it's too easy to modify and correct mistakes plus there are dozens of blogger templates for free available, and one thing I find I get tired a lot are my blogger templates so it's really nice to change it from time to time
@areximut (86)
• Indonesia
8 Nov 10
best blogging platform for are wordpress, because i can costumize it with my selt. I also can hosted it into any other hosting provider so i have my own domain address. Many plugin also make my wordpress look great and ready to fight in internet zone.