Do you have a best friend?

@19Bey83 (194)
United States
November 3, 2010 10:49am CST
Do you have a best friend? How many? A lot of people, mostly girls, walk around so happy to have 3 or 4 and sometimes 5 best friends. I don't think that qualifies for a best friend. Back in high school I was part of a clique, so to speak, that consisted of 5 people including myself. As we aged through the years, we drifted apart and that made me realize best friends are momentary. Out of those 5 human beings, I really only remained best friends with one(its been 18 years we been fiends). Another one I speak to every now and then. And the other, never do we speak. I am no crushed over it, it comes with age and growing. People change, move away, grow apart and life moves on. What do you feel about the loosely used term, best friend? How many do you have? true best friends, that is.
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@sheban (28)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
Hi bey, i really don't have someone that i call best friend. But definitely, i have a lot of close friends. Since high school, i told myself that I won't consider someone as a best friend since I'm aware that people come into our lives and at some point in time, leave us. When you say best friend, he or she is like a shadow who is with you in any page of your life. However, our friends also have their own lives and paths to take. It's a reality that we have to accept. But we need to be thankful for these people for they always leave a mark in our hearts, may they stayed for just a long time or not. Friends are also treasures in life.
• United States
4 Nov 10
I do have a best friend and yes she's a true best friend. She's always there for me even though she lives in Texas and I live in Iowa. She always talks to me when I need someone to talk to if I'm sad or mad she's a great listener. We talk on the phone everyday non stop. If we we lived closer to each other we would always be at each others house everyday. It's kind of funny how we came best friends. We went to a Bible college together and pretty much just said hi to each other. Then after a couple years after I got her phone number and we just became best friends. I just love this girl because she is the only best friend I have that is so honest, and really cares for me.
3 Nov 10
Yes i have two.... One is my friend from my old workplace which has been a great friend to me throughout my problems and the other is my wife who obviously sticks with me throughout everything which includes all the problems we've both gone through together. They are both great friends and i wouldn't change them.