Here , A topic about RO2 !!

November 3, 2010 5:11pm CST
Friends mentioned this site . A place paid to cash with its own forum.i thought it should be another nice one to both earn cash and make fun in ,just now i dropped there to find part ofmembers said nonsense words there ,i can't understand their ugly way like this .in fact .RO2 proves to be another reliable site.its rules inform that members who make nonsense talks will be forbidden.but someone pay no attention ,i feel ashamed to say that part of those are from China.some of them even know little about english .they turn up there just aim at its cash.thinking that taking short time in making more written lines could bright them more cash more quickly ,they even didn't waste time referring to such rules,maybe some day when they find they can't gain payment in that way they will say "it's a scam",so funny ! in my own eyes i think it's reliable. there we can chat for cash , make posts.some can also invest for share or sell your referrals in RO2 referral let's come together to create and protect this piece of paradise! if the RO2 webmaster can strengthen management ,I believe it can take on a new look and will create a bright future ! someone interest could drop in my profile to get it, the first picture to click !
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