My window security prevent me from opening files, how to fix it?

November 3, 2010 8:27pm CST
I'm using Windows 7, and sometimes when I download a software or a program, windows always blocks those software and the software don't even have any viruses, and I can't open it to install. Also when everytime I turn on my computer, the pop-up of the window security program always shows up. CAn anyone please help me how to stop or turn off this thing?
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@jwfarrimond (4473)
4 Nov 10
Well, I suppose it depends on what sort of software it is that you are trying to install. I've never had this problem with W7, but I'd think that if it's being blocked by your windows security then it's very likely that its not the sort of program that you should be installing anyway. Really, the only reason that your security program is blocking it is because Microsoft have identified it as a security risk of some sort. You can disable windows security so that you can install it, (whatever it is) but you would be very ill advised to do so.
@Gargi2010 (638)
• India
4 Nov 10
Hi sorry i have not knowled of it if i got something i will share with u. Regards