100$ in a week!!!

November 4, 2010 4:49am CST
i was able to make a total of 100$ in ghost writing articles for a friend. she pays me $2 for every 150 word article that i write for her and that is fine with me as long as it is a personal article. she uses them for her blog. so anyway, i am just soooo happy that i wish it was like that every week! payday is on saturday! i am soooo excited that will mean more money for our time deposit! cool! so if you want to hire me just message me. it is really nice to earn online like this. like right now, as i am typing this and would be earning some cents for this post, i am actually having my baby in arms as she woke up from her afternoon nap. she went back to sleep but would no longer sleep on the bed so she is sitting on my lap while resting her body on my chest. so i think that working at home and online is a cool and fun way to earn. no need to go out, dress up, and even pay transportation becasue i just get to stay home, use my laptop and voila! i earn money. the only problem is how to stay awake for the jobs! hhaah
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@shell94 (990)
• Canada
4 Nov 10
It is great that you could earn that much in one week!!! I know from experience that it can be very tiring trying to work from home and make enough money in this manner to make ends meet. It is very difficult being a writer online as it is a very competitive industry to work in. All you can do is keep going and stay focused on your goal.
4 Nov 10
you are sooo right. it is hard and i am just blessed that i found a friend who needs my services. she is the one who gives me this job. that means she is earning more than me. but that is okay, i am just happy to make this much money from online pursuits. :-D
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@gorjys (10)
• South Africa
4 Nov 10
I'm giving up on making money online, i don't know why but those are the sites that attrate me the most... i plan on being financially VERY comfortable so i'l have to be my own boss, so these work on line wre a great idea at first but i have been patient but it is just no happening. Mayb there r secrets that i don't know about, all i know is i dont want to spend a lot of money getting involved in something that might not work.
@marcmm (1804)
• Malaysia
7 Nov 10
You are lucky. It is not easy to find writing onlie job. You can join as many freelance sitend request as many writing job as you can but it also can get rejected all of them and sometimes this sort of things make people give up in earning online. $100 a week is a good earning considering many people hardly get a few dollars a month. If you keep most of your articles, maybe you can use them as a resume. You can request writing for Suite101, Helium, or look for those who want a free lance writer. Wish You luck to find more writing job.