Do you think Keanu Reeves is perfect for the role of Neo?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
November 4, 2010 7:23am CST
Keanu Reeves has been the part and parcel of Matrix films. As Neo he has really did a fantastic job. But I think brad Pitt Would fit better than Keanu as Neo. Had it been the film would do even better market than it actually did. What do you think on that? Please share your opinion with me. Thank you. Happy mylotting.
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@wje4site (170)
• India
16 Nov 10
In my point of view, he is ok. But not high enough. Because being a novice , he expressed his feelings in the first film, very well. But he continue upto the last movie, the same expression. He is not worst. But Not the best. I think morpheous character is suitable for him and vice versa...
22 Jan 11
I think he's just perfect for that role. Reeves is a good actor and have little scandal. He has the look and the talent. He doesn't need some scandal like other celebrities nowadays to gain him fame.
• Philippines
4 Nov 10
Keanu is the perfect person for the role. He was able to play the part well of an unsecured or unbelieving, insecure Neo. He was endearing and I really love the Matrix movie.
@JackRoy (243)
• United States
17 Nov 10
Reevs did a fantastic job, no doubt about that. But for a change, if you want other actors in the role of Neo who do you think will be the best. I think Brad Pit would do the role as good as Reevs has done. Brad is very good actor who can fit into any role. If 4 sequel comes I would really like to see him as Neo. Who do like to see?
@miryana (52)
• Bulgaria
3 Jul 11
Well I think he did a great job, but If I had to chose someone for this part it probably won't be him. But after watching the movie when I think about Neo I see onlu Keanu.
@o0jopak0o (6400)
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
Well I really don't know if there would be a good actor for that role. But reeves did good in those films.
@Zsolt72 (55)
• Hungary
5 Nov 10
Yes, I loved his silent, calm style in that movie. But of course since we haven't seen any alternative Neos I do not know how other actors would have performed as Neo:)