Will I receive prize from Swagbucks although my account has been deactivated?

November 4, 2010 7:45pm CST
Two weeks ago, my account has been deactivated by Swagbucks, however before that I redeemed a shirt. Then, 3 days later, an email from Swagbucks sent to my email and said that the prize has been shipped to me, so am I going to receive it?
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@2EarnMoney2 (1160)
• United States
5 Nov 10
Not sure, but I know my prize took 13 days. In Michigan. Package came from Cali. What you get banned for? Friend request sent, plz let me know if u get prize. Personally curious.
• Canada
9 Nov 10
I just received the prize, they were not joking after all
• United States
13 Nov 10
That's really nice of them. Gratz
• United States
21 Dec 10
You got pretty lucky that they sent you the shirt before the banned you. congratulations
@Wefight (328)
11 Dec 10
I am glad too hear tht you have got your swagbucks prize after all if you have not done anything wrong then why should you miss out on the chance? i think they must of sent it before you got banned lol mine takes about 6 weeks too come in the United Kingdom lol so i am just gunna wait till i ahve enough for a paypal giftcard or a amzon one this time so then i can add swagbucks and mylot money together too get something better for my money like a capture card so then that i can record Call of duty gameplay for youtube.