What is your favorite fruit?

@arielbsn (199)
November 5, 2010 8:36am CST
Hi, my favorite fruit is grapes, when I go to a supermarket, I always eat this fruit but I don't buy it because it's so expensive. When I see a bunch of grapes in a supermarket I always pick one grape and eat it.
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7 Nov 10
its strawberries for me, but i also love kiwi and grapes
@angel107 (307)
• Germany
6 Nov 10
I love mangoes but from Asia specifically from the Philippines:-)
• Philippines
6 Nov 10
my favorite fruit is avocado cuz its yummy. even my favorite shake flavor is avocado and my fruit salad wont be complete without it ;)
• United States
5 Nov 10
Since the supermarket usually puts the grapes in the entire bag and make you buy the whole thing, you should open the bag and take half and buy half making it cheaper. That is what I do because I can't finish the whole thing by myself. The store people don't say anything because I'm buying it, but it depends where you are. My favorite fruit is Bananas, I love bananas and it is quite affordable and cheap so I don't have a problem.
• Philippines
5 Nov 10
I love eating fruits, but among my favorites are grapes,banana,pears,oranges,green apple,papaya,jack fruit and the last but not the least is mango, especially if it is unripe. I always have fruit on my diet because I am constipated most of the time and fruits help me deal with it, especially the papaya.
@Mitica8 (48)
• Italy
5 Nov 10
hi, my favorite fruit is strawberry.It makes me go crazy and i buy starwberries even if it costs a little. i like alone or with the whipped cream. for me this is the better and sweet fruit.
• China
5 Nov 10
now,bananas are cheap here,.Today I bought 1.5 kg bananas and only cost 5 RMB I ate so many and now i could not eat anymore