How Carefully Do You Think Before You Invest In a PTC?

November 5, 2010 10:01pm CST
PTCs are businesses. Businesses usually make money for their owners. I know there are very honest PTCs and PTC owners out there, but many of these "upgrade" options are not "to prove to advertisers that you have buying power" but are just there to make more money off of the clickers. For example: Say a PTC with a low click rate and a high number of ads pays around 2 cents a day for standard members if you click all the ads available. This would make you about 60 cents per month, free and clear, to your Paypal (although it would probably take awhile to reach cashout, the per month earnings would be 60 cents.) This site charges $4 a month for an upgrade. (Buying multiple months at a time is cheaper.) If you were to pay the $4, you would make around 6-8 cents a day, with multiple checks back to the site. If you were to click only once per day, you would likely make 3-4 cents. So, good scenario, you make $2.40 a month (8 cents times 30 days). How many people are thinking: "wow, $2.40 is way more than 60 cents!" Well, since you paid $4 at the beginning of the month, even if you cashout, you have made less than nothing. You have lost $1.60. On this site, if you are a fanatic clicker, checking back every few minutes, and catch every single ad, you may make 11 or even 12 cents a day. This involves being chained to your computer 12 hours a day. EVEN IF you click this much, you will make maybe $3.60/month, and once again, when you subtract your $4 investment you actually lost 40 cents. Now, on this site, once you have upgraded, you recieve a 25% discount if you renew your upgrade, and like I said, multiple months purchased at a time works out to less per month, which means it IS possible to make money. is not worth upgrading unless you will be taking home MORE money that you would as a standard member (60 cents a month), which means that you would need to make more than $4.60 a month for it to be worth it. If this site did not have upgrade discounts for repeat upgraders and multiple months purchased at a time, it would be impossible to make more as an upgraded member than as a standard member. And I know there are worse sites than this where upgrading costs your more and gets you less. So, do you think about all this before you invest in a PTC? Has my tutorial given you something to think about?
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• United States
6 Nov 10
A site should not necessarily have to request that users invest in the site, if they want to be legitimate they should have enough money to pay people when they reach payout.
@Gargi2010 (638)
• India
6 Nov 10
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