do you like spicy food?

@eddyraj (502)
November 18, 2006 6:31am CST
yes i like it
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• Bangladesh
14 Jan 08
sure i like it and like it very much. thats what we eat everyday
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
13 Jul 07
Not really a big fan of spicy food, but it's ok once you still can taste the real taste. I hate it when the food is too spicy that the spice numbs your tongue, and you'll feel full because of the amount of water you were drinking. *LOL*
@dpk262006 (56736)
• Delhi, India
11 Jun 07
No, I do not like. It may be harmful in the long run.
@Hydale (206)
• China
1 Jun 07
Yes,I like it very much.
@aweins (4200)
• India
8 May 07
Yes , i like spicy food but not always as it is not very good and healthy for us.
@waynet (2650)
7 May 07
Yes I do, but then it pours out of my arm pits and then it smeels the house out and then we have to have the whole street evacuated and then I am sectioned under the spicy food act of smelly arm pits of 1982.
@ygautam (135)
• India
3 May 07
Yes I like it very much.
@desideria (371)
• Romania
18 Nov 06
very much. i like to have pepper or curry, oregano, paprika and other stuff. it depends on the food