Too Much Plastic

United States
November 10, 2010 7:15am CST
My boyfriend ordered some guitar picks the other day. The picks came in a letter sized bubble wrap envelope mailer. The picks were no bigger than a half of an index card. We worry about the world, the ozone, and world hunger, yet we waste so much of our precious resources in waste. What was the last thing that you ordered online and received with unnecessary packaging?
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• Canada
10 Nov 10
I think the amazing thing is that you had quitar picks packed so very well. Might be the wrong stuff but still it was carefully wrapped. If that was a breakable product you bought it might of come broken for lack of packaging. Do you ever notice that when you order things through the mail? The things that need little packaging have loads of the stuff; the items that need extra packaging have very little so the item comes broken. Nuts! About products that should be banded; I was shopping yesterday and there were boxes and boxes of styrofoam plates and glasses for sale. Now shouldn't that be banned for sure! It would be embarassing now a days to show up for a picnic with your food in styrofoam. One lady recently was incharge of bringing plates and cups to a campground dinner and she brought styrofoam and the person hosting the dinner refused to use it even though it upset the lady who brought the plates. Instead she made her guess take shifts in eating and she washed the dishes for each shift. Wow! Do you think she should of used the styrofoam for that occassion and just know that everyone has learnt to never to that same mistake?