Does such colleague can be friend?

@mickly08 (769)
November 11, 2010 8:40am CST
We almost entered this company at the same time, he was quite satisfy with this job, confortable room, not bad salary, low-pressure work. He always shows off his job to his friends by mobile phone. He takes little consideration for others. I don't stand with hime anymore. Maybe we have little interests in common. To be frankly, I dislike this kind of people. I think we can be ordinary friend.
2 responses
• China
11 Nov 10
Just take these kinds of vain guys as bowing acquaintance.Dont let yourself influenced by such selfish person~
• Philippines
11 Nov 10
You may not be able to choose who will be your office-mates are...but you can choose who could be your friends. If he is not a friend material to you, then at least treat him as who he is - a human being.
• Indonesia
11 Nov 10
Just befriend with him without carrying and worrying anything about him. That's the best way for you. You don't need to care about what he boasts, you've known the truth of him. If I were you, it even so funny to have a friend like him. I can constantly make a fun of his habit. That's the source of fun. I won't take such thing as serious. Cheer up, bro.