serious consequences for people who let dogs loose

United States
November 13, 2010 3:36pm CST
I was wondering if people thought there should be serious consequences for people who let a dog loose? When someone lets a dog loose the dog could bite someone, it could be hit by a car, and a car could try to avoid it and result in a serious accident so that person is putting both the dogs in danger and people in danger. I have been having issues with my neighbor ever since I moved into my house in August. He has threatened my 6 year old and now he has let my boxer loose 3 times and put a big hole in her pen. I know it is him doing it and luckily my dog is smart and stays in the yard but the first time she did run to my parents home because they have her brother. I came home today from going to the store with my parents and my dog was sitting out front with her lead still attached to her collar, she was hooked up in the back to the pen since we have not got the pen fixed yet. I grab her and as I am doing so here comes a cop and animal control and I told them what was going on, they said in order to do anything they need proof he is doing it. The guy from animal control told me it was my neighbor who called up , the guy also called up about my truck a few weeks back because it had no tags and was sitting in my yard uncovered but that cop would not tell me who called up but I know it was my neighbor. Well the cop and animal control leave and my parents are still outside and I have came in and hear my mom yelling, the neighbor was out listening to what was going on and of course as soon as my mom started yelling he ran inside his house. I sat outside for a while waiting for him to come out and he did not, he is seriously terrified of me and my room mate. He use to come out every weekend to mow his lawn and after calling up on my car he has not been doing it because he wants to avoid us . I am afraid for my dog , I now have to basically babysit her everytime I let her out and I can not leave her out when I go out anymore. Usually if I am only going to be gone for an hour or two and it is nice out I will leave her outside but now I can not do that. I am just sop irked right now , the cop could have atleast went over and talked to him and told him what he is doing is against the law and dangerous and I am pretty sure if I do catch him the only thing he will get is a freaking fine when there should be more serious consequences
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@denise002 (444)
• Australia
13 Nov 10
it might not be a bad idea to get a small camera or something and leave it on when you go out.. then you will hopefully have proof he is doing it and he can be charged for trespassing and maybe something else im not sure. But he seems like he is just looking for trouble so.. i'd give it to him