i want to make money online?

November 14, 2010 2:26am CST
I want to make money online but i can see that mylot do not pay a lot in a limited time.please tell me the sites by which w can earn huge money.
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@monouu (2606)
• Singapore
15 Nov 10
Huge money don't come easily just because it is online work otherwise everyone will be rich just by working online. It is very much like your offline job that take time to build & effort to put in. You must have the right mindset before you can actually succeed. You can visit my website (under my profile) for a list of international paying sites with payment proofs included. I hope you'll find useful info there.
@vicereine (451)
• United States
14 Nov 10
Well you won't earn huge money but you can make some extra cash on this site called quicktate it is a transcription site. Of course you have to apply for it and also you can go to opinion outpost this is the link http://OpinionOutpost.com/join/7020348 and you take surveys for cash. If that is not what you are looking for try to go to this link http://callgraph.biz/freelance-transcription?rk=bc20ba2b17cb04fa085d8abae7703c21512fefd5. It is for a company called Callgraph and it is another transcription site that pays $1 per six minute audio file and they have been good for me so far.
@oderog (731)
• Kenya
14 Nov 10
Hi shuklaankit93, are no sites that are going to earn you huge money please, it's your effort that is going to earn you money online and this depend with the kind of platform you are using to earn money online, I don't know what kind of money making method you are looking for but you can check in my profile if you are interested in earning passive income online by writing then go a head and do it, but again it is not a get rich quick scheme where you just join and make large sums of money. It takes time, patient and determination for you to start seeing some tangible result online some do realized the result much quicker if you know more about the internet marketing by if you are a newbie then it might take you about 8 months to start see some incremental earning with the method on my profile, but once the money start coming monthly you will always enjoy, hope this help and just check my profile if it is something you can give it a try then get going
• United States
14 Nov 10
There's no online site that will give you a lot of money without you putting a lot of time and effort into it. All get rich quick ideas are probably scams anyway.
@Celica (369)
• Bulgaria
14 Nov 10
I earn more more than I earn in MyLot. You can visit my profile for more information.
• China
14 Nov 10
no pains ,no gains,if you just started your first step to make money from the internet ,you shouldn't care nothing about little money .to succeed isn't so easy just as marks we make .it may take a long time and needs the process .if you think not .you can just make a try ,too many people make efforts in vain . just to change your attitude to money making on line .it's never the cake to everyone . good luck !