How to overcome temptations?

@mayrah (1144)
United States
November 14, 2010 10:18am CST
temptations are always there. Sometimes the more we get away from it the more it's coming to tempt us. Actually temptations are like bacteria,viruses and cancer illness. They attacked you when you are at your weakest point. Just for example you just let yourself being drown to things you'd like to do but you know it's wrong, then temptation will tell you why not try it? It's worth a try. And your good conscience will struggle to say that it was wrong and advise you not to try it,. But before you know and decide what to do, you already see yourself giving up and following what the temptations tell you to do. Once you have let your mind being preoccupied by that temptations you can no longer struggle to get get out of it. Because we are just human prone to committing sins. However there is still a way how to overcome temptations, just like viruses and bacteria. Fight it before it attacks you. You must take prophylaxis before it attacks you. How would you do this? Do not let you mind become preoccupied by temptations.Get away from places where temptations are great extent. Don't even step on it. Do not let it come to your mind. Do not think about it. Because our mind is only thing the temptations has a power to manipulate, that is if we let it come. How about you? How do you manage to fight or overcome temptations? How effective was that for you?
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• Philippines
16 Nov 10
There are many ways to avoid temptation but I guess a large percentage of temptations can be avoided by common sense alone. If common sense tells that it is more correct to save money than to spend, it is already one temptation under control. As long as we stick to what's proper with enough determination I don't see that there's a chance for temptation to cause misery.
@adel09 (490)
• Philippines
14 Nov 10
Stay away from it... like you've said its just like viruses, you can prevent spreading it. Think many times before giving your final decision. 'coz I believe that the word decision gives a big impact with our lives... it is the main path of future...