Problems with instant and low minimun payout ptc sites !

November 14, 2010 9:05pm CST
Hello.mylotters !i am not so interested in ptc sites .but when i come across sites that will pay every day maybe i will take them up .even though ,i still find that they each turned out far more unsatisfying . you may join at first to finish clicking ads .then you request payout and then you may also get paid at once .but when you make your payment request for a second time ,it may not work so well as before .you may be told that you should wait particular days for your next payout or you should reach more larger minimum payout .most of instant ptc sites follow this pattern . in another cash i have met with another problem with osman .yeah,i made my payout request and the site approved it right away ,but it's annoying that pp sent me a mail to say that a sum of money from osman had been frozen , God .but why ?it's only so little amount and it brought me such trouble ,if i knew things like this ,i woudn't have joined .it's so funny and so depressing ! mylotters ,have you come across such problems with ptc sites ?
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• United States
15 Nov 10
I only joined Neobux, Cashium, Daceband, and Osmanlibux but I'm mainly testing out Osmanlibux because it's new and I want to make sure I'll get paid by them.
• China
15 Nov 10
yeah,all are legit .but there is something wrong with osman .it also paid me ,yet shortly afterwards pp sent me a mail telling that the amount of money from osman has been frozen .it really annoyed me when i saw that .i just didn't know what had happened .it's really depressing ! best wishes ..