When young enough,Have you ever really and seriously concerned about your health

November 14, 2010 11:21pm CST
i can rememer that in my high school days i didn't so care about that . only if i was ill in bed ,i had realized that health may be somthing i should have paid attention to in my everyday life ,but on recovering from illness ,i could never remember what i had say to myself .i still indulged myself in smoking and staying up all night on the internet .it seems nothing had happened to me . since most of the time i was in good health and didn't get sick easily .i just cared nothing about health . now it's a little different .i have got married ,i should consider more about my wife my family ,even i have been sitll well being .i begin to concern about health .i think now i should take responsibility for the whole family ,but not just myself .health should come first now ,it has not been something that's nothing to do with me when it's being and that's the most important when it's gone . i think so ,i advise that we should pay attention to health all the time . just to share ,mylotters !
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• Indonesia
15 Nov 10
Right now, I just had a routine annual medical check up from my office. Luckily they did not found any kind of unusual disease in my body. I think people have to take care of themselves since young because if we are older, usually it is to late to cure that disease. All of our disease in the future usually is a cumulative of our habit from the past, so eat healthily and don't forget to exercise. I try to do it now.
• China
26 Nov 10
yeah,you are right and absolutely i agree ,people say prevention is better than cure ,it sounds reasonable for sure .when we are young enough we have a strong build and we don't often fall ill on the basis of good good immunity against diseases,but that's quite another thing in another case when we grow a little old .Rome wasn't built in a day .all cumulate the past activities and bits and pieces of life,little by little ,step by step . so it's a necessary . thank you for share ,dear friend.wish you good health !