What a pity ! are all ptr mailsites scams thoroughly and absolutely ?

November 15, 2010 3:05am CST
if so ,it may get me crazy ! i started to make money from the internet with ptr mail sites .unfortunately up to now i have never gained even one single coin .it sounds terrible and it can just drive me mad . at first when i took up ptr mail sites i knew that dollars in accounts are virtual ones .i thought sites would pay according to a certain proportion ,but the fact is each of them i have worked at have paid nothing at all .it's unacceptable and too cruel to me . should i just drop them all ? papermails,alertpayments and so on ,oh,my God ,something must have gone wrong with these sites or with me . mylotters ,have you tried any ptr site and how do you think of them ? please ,maybe it will be quite a shock to me , i have made ready for the worst .
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