I am getting nervous of him,I want some suggestions

November 15, 2010 7:28am CST
I got to know a guy who online 2 weeks ago, he seems very interested in me, and I think he is a nice guy, and both we have been talking about our future plan, but the day that I read some information on an article online people talking about dating scammer, hmmm So I was not happy to know about this stuff people who got lost money by those dating scammers. at the same time I start to doubt about him, so the day I told him about what i have read on line and I start to lost interesting on him, he still tried hard to explain and told me he is real and ect. we have discussed about that for 2 days, and I got an email from him today once again,while I check his email besides his email address have a key mark when I click on it, it says " This sender is domainkeys verified" really? Any of you heard of this before? I am not sure if that helped me to trust him because his email address have been verified yahoo domainkeys. Any of you know about the domainkeys? I am not sure if that is free by verified for anybody or people can pay money to show their real? or ect? I am still nervous about if he is a scammer,though
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• Malaysia
15 Nov 10
Unless he asks you for money, I don't think you should dismiss him so easily. Get to know him better first perhaps?
• China
18 Nov 10
hi hi well,I honest with him about what I did think of him,he seems understood where do i stand.he still tried hard to tell me that he is real. I hope he is. actually I just do not want to waste my time, you know? life is short ;-) if he is a scammer, then I should stop...as soon as i can.but until now yet he is not asking money so far,we'll see