i need help in buying a laptop

November 15, 2010 12:02pm CST
I need your help... see, I'm planning to buy a laptop, or a notebook, but I'm not sure which brand to buy. I was told to avoid buying HP, Compaq, and Acer, as they are not really sturdy, or many people have bad experiences in using these brands. Usual suggestions are Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo... but i'm not really sure with how to go about in choosing one. all I know, and require is that the laptop should be fast (i3 minimum processor), big memory, and has pink or purple skin, hehe! would you help me?
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• China
2 Dec 10
Never buy a notebook if it is your first computer. About the brand my advise is to buy ThinkPad series of Lenovo, it is blonged to IBM noce. I am agree with highschoolrazors8547 because my laptop is Acer and it work well so far.
@mohseen (26)
• Kenya
20 Nov 10
hello, my advice is avoid all the above. If you really need a laptop buy a small cheap one that runs on a linux or ubuntu system and ignore windows completely. But if you have patience, or you already have the money, you should definitely buy a mac, they cost 999$, but are the best, fastest and easiest laptop to use in the world, and if you fell like you really want a windows then simply buy a windows 7 or vista cd and run it on the mac. a mac can run its own flawless system or run as a windows system which ever you wish. so remember a laptop is a long term investment so choose carefully. go to www.apple.com/mac/ for more details thanks for asking and happy lap toping!
@tonyllenium (6254)
• Italy
17 Nov 10
personally i don't like acer computers because i expereinced always problems related to this brand on the contrary i think hp,dell,lenovo for example are good brands...nturally you cna always consider not the brand btu the configuration i think you can find some good pc based on i5 processors wich they are nto soe xpesnive..naurally excluding the core i7 because normaly are expensive!!May be you cna check some dell and lenovo too or hp models they alays have good configurations and also prices..especially if you buy them online..
• Malaysia
15 Nov 10
Hi Bevz_28, I owned a computer shop and I disagree about what you've heard about Acer.I've been dealing with Acer notebooks for three years now.Even I myself is using Acer 4540 for two years and it never bugs me.My notebook gets online 24/7 because of my business and social interactions so I would say Acer notebooks are quite tough in their hardwares.For Compaq,Toshiba and Lenovo,I would not recommend these brands since there are a lot of notebooks of newer models that came back to my shop for return due to hardware failures.Such a shame on their quality control.However,Dell and HP is quite good as well.Since you prefer colors,Dell is a choice too.Frankly,Dell,Acer and HP have the best rating for their servicing.Hope this helps.:)