Do you have Weird Dreams? How do you interpret them?

By Leo
@d_e_v81 (360)
November 15, 2010 1:06pm CST
I just woke up. I dreamt that I was chasing someone into this house with a door... *zoom out The house is actually a get what I mean? like a normal door way you might see attached to a house but this is on a boat...more like a ship... And just as I am reaching the door, the ship sails away...I run after waist deep in water...and realise I am not alone. There are baby crocodiles with really smiley-toothed faces swimming around me... Got me thinking of some of the weird dreams I have had. Maybe you can help me interpret them. 1) Dreams of flying: I know these kindda dreams signify the desire to break free or something. But these are recurring dreams I have had since childhood and they seem to be progressing somewhat. For instance, it starts of with me walking...then runnin a little faster legs stop movin and I begin to float..usually to the astonishment of those around me... sometimes it is so vivid that when I wake up...I try it to see if it works (of course it doesnt). It progressed to such a state that soon, when I have such dreams, I can actually like...flap my hands and go higher and control my own flight... 2) Dreams of Crocodiles I know these dreams foretell danger but mine are quite bizarre. Again, recurring dreams that appear now and then. 2.1) The Chase I am chasing these baby crocodiles through a tunnel...there are like tons of them running in front of me... Then the tunnel opens up into a beach. *zoom out to bird's eye view There are tons of adult crocodiles marooned on the shore Until today, I don't know what it means 2.2) The Guide I am at the entrance of this old 2-storey abandoned bungalow. 2 Dogs are barking away beckoning me to follow them. They lead me up to this attic. At first I see nothing. Then as my eyes get adjusted to the darkness...I see... Crocodiles with greyish-green bodies piled on top of one another covering the whole attic floor. These appear to be weird lookin crocs as their snouts look more like a platypus' bill with teeth. I can hear the hissing noise coming from their mouths. 3) Scary Dreams: These are scary dreams that I had which I can still vividly remember today. They were so scary that I did not dare to open my eyes before the sun came up. 3.1)The Corpse Bride I am in this empty room in a house where I used to stay. There is an Indian bride sitting upright adorned in a red saree and all the gold jewellery. Her head is lookin down and the saree is covering her head and the top part of her face. She looks like she is waitin for the groom to arrive. But it is unusually quiet. There are food stuff and sweet indian delicacies set in front of her. I see ants crawlin about. Somethin prompts me to bend down to look at her face. When I finally see her face, I realise it is very pale and her eyes are closed. REalisation slowly dawns on me that she is...dead! What does it mean?? 3.2) The Claw I am in the shower. I hear something scratchin behind the shower curtain. As I slowly reach for the curtain, this claw with three elongated fingers and really long sharp nails dashes forward and scratches me on my chest. I woke up and desperately checked my chest for any signs of injury. Thankfully there were none. What does it mean? 3.3) 3 Wise Men I am in a queue in an open field. There are 3 wise men sitting on this cement structure in the middle of the field. They are old, like really old, bald, with a white fabric wrapped around them. The people in the queue ahead of me are receiving their blessings one by one from them. As I get nearer, I realise that the 3 old men are actually 2 old men and 1 old lady. The old lady is sitting closest to me. When it come to my turn to be blessed, the 2 old men do not notice me. But the old lady looks at me, her smile disappears, gives me a scornful look. I dunno why but I feel petrified! What does it mean? 3.4) Marshmallow Man If you watch ghostbusters, you will know what I'm talkin about. I had this dream when I was like maybe 4. I am in my parents room. I am waitin for sleep to come. I hear the sound of giggling coming louder and louder until I see the marshmallow man appear at the door way of my room. He come is and starts tickling me. Then proceeds to strangling me. And the giggling sound never stops! What does it mean? 4) Dolphins I am following someone across a bridge and the sea is flowing under it. I see dolphins swimming under it. *flash forward I am now holding 2 of the dolphin's fins and they are takin me along with them. This is not a scary dream. I remember feelin happy, at peace, contented. If anyone can attempt to venture a guess as to what all these could possibly be mean, it would be very much appreciated. Also share with me if you have had similar dreams before. I would like to know I'm not alone in this.
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@voldrox (7191)
• India
16 Nov 10
Wow man, some dreams you have there. For one time I thought you just made this up, okay kidding! Lol I don't tend to interpret dreams, i have weird dreams too. Mostly i am travelling on trains and i get down at some station and i miss the train, i mean it leaves when still on the platform and i chase after it. I have caught the train at times too. I don't understand why i am always out of the train and then start chasing it. I have this dream frequently. One more funny thing, when i miss the train i walk to the next station and then catch it, i reach the next station before the train, and that too walking! Funny dreams man. I had this weird dream at times, when i am off to school without my pants. OMG. I only realize it after i have reached school. That feels so aweful in the dream and super funny when i realize it's just a dream. I was once stabbed in my dream, and i don't remember what happened next, it was a black screen after i was stabbed. I have dreams at gothic locations, weird surroundings and unfamiliar figures, mostly. I don't understand what these all means, and i actually don't care to interpret the dreams. It is like a little bit of entertainment to me, LOL.
• Singapore
16 Nov 10
Woah your dreams are mostly about crocodiles but my dreams are also kind of weird. There was once when I was walking and suddenly, I felt I was dropping down from a height and next thing I knew was that, I was in bed. Another one would be a spider chasing after me and I was like running for my life, LOL. Next thing I knew was I screamed and then woke up. LOL. I don't really know how to interpret dreams. So far, I've watched TV dramas and I learned a dream whereby if you dream of an apple tree and an apple drops into your arms, that signifies a baby dream. Haha.