What can you buy with 15$ now?

@liuzhi (265)
November 15, 2010 9:28pm CST
currently,in my country-china,the price for everything is rising sharply.This means you have to spend more money on your daily expense.It's nearly inflation.In the past,we can use 100yuan(worth 15$) to buy,say nearly 3.5 kilos of pork,20 kilos of rice,ect.While this figure maybe higher in the past,we can buy 6 kilos of pork,21kilos of rice.So how does the price in your country affects your life?
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@aaronfyzeon (1920)
• Philippines
16 Nov 10
That would be 675 Philippine Pesos here. I will be able to buy one good blouse or T-shirt in a mall here. That would also be my living allowance for three days already. To survive for the fare to go to my work, eat three meals in a day for three days. The price hike really affects me a lot if there is no wage increase as well. I hope everything has a balance.
• United States
16 Nov 10
I am embarrassed to say - I used to survive off of $25 per week for my food budget. I am glad to say that has increased, but, I managed to make 21 meals out of $25. I heard that China is devaluing their dollar, and it is causing some turmoil in competing countries. Or something like that. I didn't fully follow the report. The pricing in my country is weird right now - I take advantage of sales and budget stores, and always make out a shopping list. And I have to do some things at home, rather than out. Like, grooming. I do it myself. Like haircuts, or mani-pedi. I see, at best, four movies per year. Never drink coffee or soda, because it is bad for you, and wasted money. I can only eat functional foods. It makes you really self-reliant, when you are watching your income and expenses.