When will Indian politicians and corrupted officials change?

November 17, 2010 5:55am CST
Every day we see lots of people suffering of many crazy politicians and corrupted officials backing them change. We hear many billion dollar scams and corrupted officials signing for a housing building without visiting the location and so on. In the past 5 years we have came across more than several billion dollars scams and multi billion dollar corrupted officials. But no actions as been taken against them and they live more enjoying than any one in the world. When it will change?
2 responses
• India
18 Nov 10
I am happy that they are getting caught. Besides the people should not vote for such corrupt politicians. If the police or CBI is doing a proper job then many more corrupt politicians would be arrested.
• India
19 Nov 10
When there are two big theif, and one among them we are forced to vote right. What else we can do . Who ever comes all of them are culprits. People like them should be executed in mid of the crowded place, so that others will have the fear atleast not to make mistakes.but this will not happen for ever in India. Since the person to put this law is also a culprit
• Philippines
17 Nov 10
We also have politicians like that here in our country. Maybe its "really part" of their jobs, not for the people they're serving but for their own sake. "The more they get richer, the more we get poorer."
• India
19 Nov 10
The worst part is they tried to act as if they havent done anything when everything was proved adn dont know why supereme court of India is not executing them