When was the last time when you were really happy?

@JackRoy (243)
United States
November 18, 2010 2:10am CST
Real happiness is rare in our life. So whenever we become happy from inside we remember that for the rest of our life. Last time when I was really happy when I founded my own company that has become a pride for me. When was the last time you were really happy?
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19 Nov 10
they say,happiness is a choice..sometimes true,sometimes not..You becomes happy when you choose the thing that will make you happy..and for some instance,you becomes happy not because you chose it but because it just happened..Choosing the course in college that you know fits you can make you happy..yet,winning in a lottery can also make you happy though you didnt chose it..it just happened.
• India
20 Nov 10
That's just awesome
20 Nov 10
thanks my friend..:)
• India
18 Nov 10
i think that i am happy with every sec i am with my girl friend and now also happy with her memories that will be there until i live in the world happens will come to type if you help some one you will be very happy that time and if you see your loved one and they also love you are they are happy that time you will be happy
19 Nov 10
i think the last time that i got really happy was when i was still with my boyfriend.We broke up over a year ago and i can say that my life is not as happy as before..The only thing that makes me happy now aside from my family and friends are my cats..:)I feel soooo happy when im with them..:)
• China
26 Nov 10
Last time, I feel really happy is when my boyfriend took me for a swim. It had always been a dream for me to learn how to swim. But my mother said it was too dangerous and never allowed me to do that. Therefore, I was really happy when my boyfriend bought me some swimming applicances like the swimming clothes, swimming glasses,and swimming cap.
@surpriz3 (77)
21 Nov 10
it can all be in one day just simple things that make you remember something good or make you think about something
@hushi22 (4929)
18 Nov 10
the last time i was really happy was 2 days ago when i skyped for so long with my bf... =)
@mhypie03 (683)
• Philippines
18 Nov 10
I can become happy, sad, frustrated and angry in a day. I was really happy and ecstatic the past few days and a bit today because I was able to have good sales on my part-time online selling. The strategy I was executing was somehow working to attract more prospective buyers. But today, if not for the sales, I really had a bad day or a simple bad luck maybe. =)