need help..

November 20, 2010 8:35am CST
I tried to reformat my desktop but my computer won't boot from cd. It continuing to opening windows. What should I do? What is wrong with my computer?
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@lovedude (4447)
• India
10 Dec 10
Well you just be sure that your CD is bootable.. try to boot other computer.. if not then make one Good bootable CD.. If that's not an issue.. while restarting your system.. press 'Del' button or 'F2' to enter into BIOS.. In BIOS set boot priority.. with CD is the first booting preference.. Save BIOS configuration by pressing F10.. Reboot your system.. Insert CD and check if it's not working..
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
Computer won't boot from CD due to the following reasons: a) The First Boot Priority option at the BIOS setup utility is set as CD/DVD. b) It may have set the Boot Priority but your CD is not a bootable CD. c) The CD has damaged physically or too much scratch. d) The CD/DVD player was malfunction due internal problems. Solution: a) Make sure that the Boot Priority option is set to CD/DVD as "first boot priority". b) Make sure that your CD is bootable. If you purchase OS on CD it must be bootable or else the OS is pirated. c) Check the surface of the CD/DVD for damaged or for some scratch. d) Try another CD/DVD player in your computer. If it run then probably your CD/DVD has already been damaged.
@dicefame (114)
• Philippines
23 Nov 10
Have you try your cd to the other PC? Maybe your cd is not working.
@sjlskl (3382)
• Singapore
20 Nov 10
First, check if what is your boot sequence. You could have set it to load from your hard disk first. You can check that out but press f2, f5 or f12 depending on your motherboard. Second, is your cd a bootable one? If it isn't then your computer cant and wont boot from it.
• India
21 Nov 10
Hai, Here i'll tell you one solution for your problem, but read and follow the steps carefully. Step 1: Copy and paste all the contents of your OS_CD to a folder in your local hard drive. Step 2: Run the setup from that folder. Step 3: Follow the installation instructions, it will restart your system and installation will start as usual. Step 4: At the time of Installation drive selection, be careful and select C-drive. i hope you will be able to reformat your system......
• India
22 Nov 10
go to boot menu by pressing the appropriate key for ur computer,must probably delete key or some function keys, and there in boot options,enable the cd/dvd drive,it might be disabled by default,then restart ur machine...!
@surfermac (465)
• India
20 Nov 10
first try to go to the boot menu check what is the first boot device if the device is cd rom then leave it the way it is or else change the first boot device to cd rom save and exit setup now put the cd into the drive and try to format now you will get to format the drive with a windows cd happy to help .
@kooltiger (848)
• Pakistan
20 Nov 10
when u boot ur pc.. some options appear.. press f12 to this and press this to do this.. u will see an option like press etc to open boot menu.. then select cd rom.. if this doesn't help then try to change ur cs or dvd.. if the cd rom option doesn't exist then chek if ur dvd rom is working or not.. if still nothing happens.. then send me a msg..