Proactive 1 million free give away

By Link
United States
November 21, 2010 5:59pm CST
This is a lie. A radio commercial said they were giving away free Pro-Active kits to 1 million people. I did not have good luck with it in the past but they said they have a new formula or something so I figured it would be worth a try for free, right? So I call and the lady starts saying it is $20 plus shipping and handling. Now I was ok with pay $5 or so for S&H but the ad said it was FREE. Apparently what they mean by free is you get to try it free for 60 days and then return it if you do not like it, which has ALWAYS been their policy because I've done it before. So basically they are trying to hook people in, don't believe everything you hear or see. They have always had either a 30 or 60 day money back guarantee, but you still have to pay for it first and if you don't like it you have to send the bottles back to them which costs you shipping, so by then you've spent about $10 (after they give you back the $20) just on shipping and handling, so really your free trial has cost you $10. Boooo. I've been doing free trials for years now so I know what to look for, the stipulations, and how to really make the most of them. This is not free, but maybe you don't mind spending $10 just to try it out, then it would be a good deal, but it is by all means NOT free.
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@thuynhu (661)
• United States
22 Nov 10
Truthfully nowadays nothing seems to be free at all. I mean I know you've noticed how bad our economy is and I don't really see it getting any better. I mean I've been looking for a job for over a year now and have yet to see myself getting a job. I guess I could possible get one at McDonald's or something like that but that's not the kind of job I'm looking for I need some real money. I have a family to take care of. I know my husband does the most of it but I'd like to contribute a lot more than I'm currently doing. To speak more on your discussion, ProActive seemed like it was a good deal but I'm sorry they BS you. I got some BS the other day as well. I purchased the Your Baby Can Read program for my daughter but I decided to return it and get my money back kinda. Cause I had to pay for shipping and handling to return it but I figure that's better than coming out of pocket for almost 200 dollars. But then I went to Walmart a few days later and seen that they had the program there for only 69 dollars. I was upset at first but at least I didn't spend all my hard earn money on it then. But yeah things are so false nowadays. People just trying to reel you in any way possible to make their money.
• United States
22 Nov 10
That is true, nothing is really free I guess. I don't want to work low-level jobs either, not when I'm trained and licensed to be a pharmacy technician and can make 11 or more dollars an hour! But I've even applied to the gas stations, clothing stores, and other jobs that I did not find ideal, and I still could not even get an interview.
@Memnon (2170)
25 Nov 10
Sounds like the usual BS to draw people in, then snare them into a subscription for a year. Further proof that the word 'ethical' has disappeared from business language to be replaced by 'barely legal practice'.