Does anyone here write for Associated Content?? I have an important question...

United States
November 24, 2010 12:03am CST
Ok, I've been with them for a long time. I'm part of the Featured Contributor program. As you know, being a Featured Contributor, you can only have 3 categories assigned to you. You cannot sign up for subcategory within a category though (i.e. Music is part of Arts & Entertainment therefore you can't be a Featured Contributor in Arts & Entertainment AND music at the same time). Here's the thing, I signed up for Arts & Entertainment, Movies, and Video Games and got approved for it at the very beginning of the program. Movies is apart of Arts & Entertainment. When I asked them about this, one of their staff members said it must be a mistake and he said he would fix it. That was in June. To this day, I'm still a Featured Contributor in Arts & Entertainment, Movies, and Video Games. I've been accepting and submitting the assignments, getting paid for them, and what not because I was assigned to those categories and didn't want to look bad. Do you think I should approach them again about this? Honestly, I don't see the big issue with it, although they are similar categories, they can be used for totally different topics pertaining to the Entertainment industry.
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