Have You Always Selected One Response As The Best One ?

November 24, 2010 5:17am CST
Hello.mylotters ,friends here come up with so many discussions and make quantities of responses every day .so do you make it a prctice to select a best response to every single discussion you have started ?and when you participate in someone's discussion ,to what degree would you like to receive a best response ?does it always work well ? as for me ,i used to overlook this tiny point,since i make comments more than discussions ,most of the time i pay more attention to what's happening to someone else's topic or which one is really interesting me .then i join in sharing opinnions .i didn't realized that untile i received two best responses yesterday afternoon , then i thought whehter it would bring ourselves one side effect on our own pay for each discussion if we confirm selection .and whether it brings benefits to the one who has started the discussion and has selected some response as the best one or it can make no difference ,i find most of us don't take an active part , could no selection confirmation reflect your little respect for those who have joined you in discussions ? please share !
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@inu1711 (5285)
• Romania
24 Nov 10
I don't start too many discussions, so resolving my discussions is an easy task. Yet I must admit I haven't resolved my discussion since one month or more. Maybe I should go and choose the best response now. Though, myLot suggests us to let our discussions open for at least two weeks, sometimes there are good responses that come late, and they also deserve a chance to receive the best response. Anyway, as far as I know, neither choosing the best response nor receiving it don't bring any money to the discussion starter or to the respondent, but it must be a sign of respect for the respondents.
• India
25 Nov 10
Definitely It will add a dignity to the responders. It also encourage them to be engaged to the topics from the heart. We all should identify the best answer if we get from any mylotter. I have posted a small number of posts, but have tried to identify the best one.
@silentwill (1685)
• Philippines
25 Nov 10
While I do appreciate it when people responds to my discussions, I don't always mark one as a "best response." I only select a best response if I think a post is really deserving and adds a lot of thought and insight to the discussion I started. Sometimes, there's just no response that has enough substance for me to choose as a best response that I don't feel oblige to mark one.
• United States
24 Nov 10
Selecting a best response simply resolves the discussion, however the discussions are never closed. Members are free to comment on a particular resolved discussion endlessly. A best response does nothing but pat a member on the back for a great response, it has no baering on earnings at all. If a later response and or more than one great response is placed on my discussions, I go ahead and select one then give the other and others postive 9 (+) ranking. Hope this helps
• Portugal
24 Nov 10
yes i agree with you we should select always a best response when people answer our discussions^^ i will start to select best responses in my discussions bcs i really appreciate some cute answers that people make ^^ i always love to reply back when someone comment in my discussions^^ i really love to and right now i will see some of my discussions and choose some best responses^^ they deserve it is cute of you to care for that too