What is the highest amount of money you've spend in a day

November 24, 2010 11:10am CST
What is the highest amount of money have you spend for yourself in one day. I can spend millions if given a chance. Maybe i buy an aircraft or a cruise ship or perhaps hire Taylor Swift to serenade to me while m having my dinner.
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• India
28 Nov 10
This question is quite difficult to answer as i won't count the money that one spends.We spend some money everyday.so it is difficult to answer.The approximate value i know is may be $500,000...
@lkbooi (16070)
• Malaysia
25 Nov 10
Hi acrossnation, it's totally not a big problem to spend great amount of money if I were to become the coming winner of Jackpot for sure But I know I won't be that fortunate. Okay, let's come back to our story. I always cherish my money and use them frugally for they are all hard earned income. The highest amount I had spend in a day was the down payment to purchase my solely apartment many years ago. It's around two thousand usd. Of course I bought the unit by installment. It's not affordable for me to get an apartment by paying cash in full. Happy posting and have a nice day
@puccagirl (7296)
• Israel
24 Nov 10
I have never spent very much during one day. I feel bad if I spend too much, so I kind of stop if I have already spent some. The only exception is if I am on holiday, then I allow myself to splurge and spend a bit more, but I can't recall doing that for a very large amount either.
• Philippines
24 Nov 10
well, I bought a ticket and it cost me around Php 60, 000. Other than that, I rarely indulge myself really to spending too much when I know I don't have enough. ;)
• China
24 Nov 10
It's really a imaginative topic !since i am a little poor .i am not so much qualified for showig me off .what i concern most is how much is enough to lead a happy day .thank you for share ..
@boldyus (23)
• Romania
24 Nov 10
Hi. I don't like to spend money without reasons. I like to keep my money for things which i really need. If i spend so much i can't be happy because i don't belive that i spent so much. I spent about $300 for my computer here from where i am ( 900 Lei ) which is a good salary.
• Malaysia
24 Nov 10
Highest amount?About 10000 bucks or something close to that.I bought equipments to set up a home studio. Cheers.