As Cruel As Lying To My Wife !

November 25, 2010 6:03am CST
Husband and wife should be sincere to each other ,it's said and it's right . but life is live,more than words can describe ,and sometimes brings us hopelessness or something unpleasant . if you choose to tell a lie for some certain reason at the begining ,then you have to find ways to fill the lie .it seems a long long way to come to an end .maybe you shuoldn't have told the lie at first ! months ago i decided to change another way to make money ,which my wife didn't supported,i lied to her and continued with what i chose .eventually unfortunately i suffered failure .then i made my life come back to follow its usual pattern by taking a job .since my wife was expecting ,she went back to our hometown ,leaving me alone in Shanghai .but everything wasn't so smooth .what was worse ,a sudden minor traffic accident took away most of my savings and i had to resign over this matter.i could dothing but sigh to myself and comfort myself "after all,it's gone ..". the matter is i would rather not tell my wife about that for fear of bringing her sadness ,every time she phones me ,i feel both happy and a little sad .or rather ashamed . is it a total wrong or just a white lie ?i don't know but it's more than cruel to me ..
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25 Nov 10
Eventually a while small lie can turn out to feel like a deception later. So my suggestion would be to at some point say something as you do not want later to hear that you did not tell her as maybe she will want to account as to where the money went and perhaps think it went to something else, then wonder why you did not say any thing before.