Lost Dog - Henry Lord of the Realm

@acevivx (1566)
November 25, 2010 8:04am CST
I lost my dog, a golden labrador a few weeks ago due to the negligence of my housemaid who went out early in the morning to jog and forgot to close the gate. Actually three of my dogs got lost after they left the compound when the gate was left open but one returned late in the afternoon of the same day while another returned five days after. both dogs looked so dirty, tired, hungry and a bit wild as it appears that they had fought their way back home. Unfortunately my labrador, Henry lord of the Realm, never made it back. I still feel so bad about it since i reared all my dogs since hen they were born and it was like losing a member of the family.Henry is seven years old and is quite intelligent, handsome and dignified and i miss him a lot. My prayer is that somone had taken an interest in him and kept him as a pet and that he was not killed or attacked resulting in his death. If my othewr two dogs which are less intelligent than Henry made it back home, it makes me wonder why he never did find his way back. it would be a big waste and so tragic if he died as a result of a negligent housemaid leaving a gate open. I would rather believe somebody is taking care of him as a pet. I miss my lovable labrador. Incidentally, I have 7dogs of different breed and sometimes they can be too much to handle butmy family is quite used to having a lot of dogs. Just want to share.
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