Do You Remember The First Dog ? Pet Or Traditional One ?

November 25, 2010 11:12am CST
Hello,Mylotters : Most of us love dogs and perhaps have ever owned more than one .if so ,do you remember the first one ,pet or traditional ?if the only one was and is your first,to what degree do you love it ? as for me ,in my childhood in my hometown the village our grandparents kept one dog,it's my only and first dog ,i called him "little yellow",one traditional dog with one traditional name .the deep and lasting impression he has made on me is that he always liked to turn around me wagging his tail,which made me feel happy and warm in heart,every time i came back from outside he ran to the couryard door to meet me ,greeting me with wagging his tail or lapping my legs with his tongue.of course sometimes he was so naughty to run out to play ,little knowing i was coming back.occasionally he got me angry ,i still felt he was so cute when i punished him slightly . the tide of memory is tranquil and endless ,yet now this precious pleasure brings me the sense of loss and a little longer can other friends treat me like that sincerely ,little yellow ,my dear ,i miss you deeply ......
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@junil_jk (496)
• India
26 Nov 10
the first pet i remember was a female dog called 'Moti'. there were other dogs before too but i don't remember them because they were there when i was either too young to remember or before i was born. in fact, Moti was our neighbor's dog but she was as good as ours too as we share the same compound and we are close relatives. after her we kept one of her sons which we called 'Becky'. he was the most clever and loveliest dog i ever knew we had. i still think about him sometimes. very handsome and healthy dog who everyone was scared of. how sad i felt when we lost him mysteriously one day when he never returned home. we never knew what happened to him. but it was really sad and i makes me sad even now sometimes when i reminisce those childhood memories and his thoghts come to mind.
26 Nov 10
My first dog was a Jack Russell called Butch. My Dad bought him from a farm. I was only eight years old and I was scared of dogs after I was bitten by one and it was hoped that Butch would help me get used to them. He was a lovely dog. He was mostly brown with a few white patches. He was still a pup and he chewed things up. We had to take him to a dogs home after two years because my sister was born and he was jealous and would growl. I suppose that I didn't appreciate dogs then as much as I do now. I often wonder what happened to that little live-wire dog. He was my first dog, and he helped me more than anyone to get over my fear of dogs and understand them.