How to cure insomnia?

November 25, 2010 9:13pm CST
I've been experiencing this lately. i cant sleep, there are times that my eyes are just closed but my mind is took 5 hours before i sleep. it's does anyone have experienced this lately? how and what process or treatment did you take in order to cure this kind of sick ness.
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• Philippines
30 Nov 10
avoid food and drinks that contain caffeine. and drink warm milk during bedtime cuz it is scientifically proven milk has a substance tryptophan that could make us drowsy and help to sleep. for me, i observed its really effective. i dont have insomnia so i dont drink cuz it makes me drowsy the whole day. keep busy during daytime. have exercise...
@obe212003 (2299)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
Obviously you're having sleep disorder. There are lot of causes to this, but primarily it could be neurological or psychological or sometimes caused by an undetected ailment causing the body to function abnormally, i.e. electrolyte imbalance. Sleepers or sleeping medications are advised for those who have chronic insomnia as it does helps a lot to have a normal sleep pattern. Natural remedies like drinking milk, reading a book or having a serene atmosphere before you sleep would do, but i really do prefer having the sleeping pills [usually prescribed by a doctor] and then weaning yourself out of it would do..
@peavey (16943)
• United States
27 Nov 10
I have that problem now and then, and I know it's frustrating. A few things I've found out: Avoid all caffeine after about 10 AM Avoid sugar from late afternoon on Take a notebook to bed with you and when ideas/thoughts/problems won't leave your head, write them down so you can deal with them in the morning. Make sure you're not too hot or too cold. Sometimes we have to think carefully about our comfort! A bedroom doesn't have to be perfectly dark (that's not natural) but all points of light should be out or covered. Drink a cup of warm milk with honey in it just before going to bed. Get more exercise during the day. Take time to relax for an hour or so before going to bed.
@dianajen (77)
27 Nov 10
my mom have been experiencing that since i dont know when. she have tried different ways and and it includes closing your eyes and go to bed directly after a long days work. going to bed early at night.
26 Nov 10
i on many occasions feel so tired and yet i just cannot seem to sleep. I get very little sleep each and every day. I am so tired but can't sleep at all, i just can't seem to settle. I think the only reason i do get to sleep is because my body is just so completely tired it just shuts down, which in a way is good or else i would never really get any sleep at all. I think that i had better really call at the doctors to see if anything can be done as it is not good for me that i am getting so little sleep, it is not healthy for me at all. I also don't want to be falling asleep whilst i am driving.
27 Nov 10
hi, I usually fell asleep while studying when I was still a student, I guess this was because I got so bored with what I was reading...there was once that I experienced insomnia... I tried reading newspaper articles / boring books, it kinda helped... there's no specific medicine to really cure this... ,this gets to be stimulated if something's bothering me ...then my body clock gets used to the number of hours that I stay awake... so yeah,medidation...things that give you peace of mind should do the trick
@youless (109723)
• Guangzhou, China
26 Nov 10
I am sorry to hear that. Since everyday I go to bed very late, so I don't have this problem as I am so sleepy. I can fall asleep right away. I heard that a cup of hot milk before sleep can be helpful for the insomnia, perhaps you can try it. If you are energetic, you shall do some exercises everyday. I love China
@mandy8611 (154)
• China
26 Nov 10
5 hours is so long, you can take more exercise in the day, before sleep, you can take a shower and have a glass of hot milk, if it does not help, you can read some books that you are not interested, then you will feel bored, then fall asleep.I hope you can come out of insomnia asap
@tigeraunt (6327)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
hi turing, i was told breathing exercises is good. and also make the brain inactive by seeing the same thing over and over and over again. surely some sleeping pills would do great, but i will not advise it. ann
@veganbliss (3895)
• Adelaide, Australia
26 Nov 10
I haven't experienced it, nor have my vegan friends. Perhaps a simple change in your diet to something more cooling, more soothing & less agitating would be worth a shot? It certainly would be the cheapest & simplest option. Combine this with a more simple lifestyle & you will have less on your mind to keep you awake. You could also try practicing spiritually or taking yoga classes, though the latter could end up being quite costly.