Which surgeon you like the most?

November 26, 2010 5:51am CST
I like watching Grey's Atanomy very much. Every Thursday night, I wait and see the new episode.The surgeons in this show are the very best doctors in the world. They have not only the best technique, but also the warmest heart to care about the patient. Among those, I like the Addison most, though she left Seatle and joined Private Practice. But it is no matter. Private Practice is the sister TV show of Grey's Atanomy. And Back to Addison, she is the idol to me.:)
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@cheravs (619)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
Christina is cool too since she is kinda hard core and really wanted to prove something out of here intelligence. She really wanted to be the best cardiologist after burke taught him and left.
26 Nov 10
She is amazing. Do you remember one word they said, " When Chief told us just two of us could stay, I thought it would be Christina and me."
• China
17 Jan 11
I like Yang,too. She is very unique and humourous. She usually speaks something bad and hurts somebodies' feeling, but she is a very kind person in heart. She is not hypocritical at all.
• United States
5 Feb 11
Christina is my choice for a surgeon. If I have to be operated for my condition, I should trust Christina with her own expertise and her skills.
@allamgirl (2140)
• Philippines
13 Dec 10
My favorite is Izzy. I actually stopped watching the show when I heard they were killing off her character. I love Izzy because she cares about people. I think she's really funny too.
@allamgirl (2140)
• Philippines
17 Dec 10
Me too! I love that season.
16 Dec 10
I was totally touched by her relationship with Denny. She is really a good surgeo and cares about the patient. Can't agree with you more!
@julise (494)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 11
dr. McDreamy! what's more interesting than the works of brain?! hahaha^^ not that he's cute, perfect hair etc. but i really like brain surgeon. so cool. shadow shepherd can be cool too if he's smarter^^
30 Mar 13
Yes, totally agree, can't believe the comment came from 3 years ago
@washor (113)
• Philippines
26 Nov 10
It is really sad when Addison left grey's anatomy for the private practice, and i agree with you..she's perfect on private practice. I also like Derek Sheperd, my dream guy.. :)
26 Nov 10
Yes, he is a Mcdreamy. I adore him, too. In last episode, he looked after Young and waited Own to take her home.It really touches me. He is such a nice guy and loves Meredith so much.
22 Jan 11
I love Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is a very good actress. Even though she has a hard exterior, she shows love to patients in her very unique way!
22 Jan 11
Yes,Bailey is like a very good teacher in SGH. IIn one episode, when Meredith is going to have a surgery to give a liver to her father, I don't remember what she was exactly talking to Grey, but sure about ask her to be OK to out of the OR safely. I was deeply impressed by that episode.
26 Feb 11
McDreamy is my favorite! He is just the best neurosurgeon ever! I like Bailey, too.
27 Feb 11
Not only Derek, his sister is also a excellent nurosurgeon who is with Addision in Private Practice. I like them both. Did you see the Bailey with the male nurse? It's much fun.