What's next after college?

@dpalais (130)
November 26, 2010 8:30am CST
Normally after college we will find job, others will continue studying for masters degree or studying at law school. That is the normal way, but the thing is now because of some reasons after studying others will have a long pause in there life because they cannot find job they will stay at home and become part of the percentage of unemployed. Good for those lucky ones who had planned their life. They know how to balance things.
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@la_chique (1498)
26 Nov 10
There's no reason not to have a job. If the person really wanted a job, they'd start at the bottom, and work their way up. Its what I've had to do. If they couldnt find a job where they lived, they should move somewhere where there is work. Its pure laziness or lack of trying for people to stay unemployed. I know people who are unemployed and complain about it, but when I suggest a job to them that I've seen they turn their nose up and say its not what they're looking for. If they want to be picky like that, they will remain unemployed and I have no sympathy for them.
@rajiv22 (167)
• Chengalpattu, India
26 Nov 10
I match the above question. I hav a friend of mine who is like me, But as like me waiting for a job related to my studies, he after waiting for some month and for some job to work as u said he went and joined as Aircraft trainer in another city. Its been 3 years and now he want to come back to his native so that he can marry and stay with his parents (they are becoming old and need him) but he is not finding a change over here with any companies, its so difficult for him to change his current career and come and join in his native as in IT or finance. No one is even responding to him if he asked a job in IT or other field becos he has exp in diff field. The pity part of it is he is asking me a help as me now is unemployed (some months ago i was working in Aircraft parts manufacturing company, and left it because i met with an severe accident). What wud u say for him. Its the same for people who worked in BPO or call centres, u can get job now but u can not find change later. I am a Mechanical Engineer. I spent my parents hard earned money and my hard work to earn the degree. but becos of other reason i and even many of my other friends are not finding good job. Do u want us to feel waste of our earned degree and go join some irrelevant BPO or Sales persons? Remember this, wat u tell might suit for just people like u and u only know to Tell things. Facing with problems directly is difficult.. I faced it..
• Philippines
27 Nov 10
Whats nxt after college?it depends what you want in life.but its better to have a break first.having vacation as a treat of yourself after those long years of studying.explore your life before lookng for a job.and enjoy your life.