What Would You Say To ALL Those Scam Sites ?

November 26, 2010 3:10pm CST
Hello,Mylotters ,Another Topic To Share .. We all may have ever suffered from some scam sites .so what do you want to say about these matters or would you want to say anthing to those scam-makers ? to vent your anger and grievances on those scam administers or to recommend your better suggestions to them ? if you mean to send them a mail,would you make it like this ? the first version : Hello,admin. i have always tried my best to work at your site and to promote it .i often spend any given time being active ,but..to my great disappointment ,i have gained nothing up to now ,no one single coin,even on one reply mail from you .now you tell me ,how i explain to friends who have joined under me out of trust and how i explain to my wife(girlfriend or someone else,it's up to you ..)why i have done things in vain .if you were in my shoes ,you would read my feelings ,full of anger and grievances . well,just may you succeed in business ,oh,sorry ,wrong ,in your scam site ! the second one : hello,admin: perhaps i am leaving .before that i leave my last advice for you . all know that you start sites from a desire to achieve more success ,or rather more huge money .so you are supposed to manage it like this .if you carry out part of payments for free members ,even just according to a certain percentage.it may lead to more golden membership upgrading .only if you had awarded those particular rewards for referrals contest and had just sent part of reply mails ,members would have took more energy and more efforts to promote your site ,so that it would have brought you more benefits .it's what we want and it's only what you need .do you think so ? may your site last longer ,possible ,if not probable.it's all up to you ! :) it's both the versions ,which would you like to choose or any other ? please share ..
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