Who do you love most in Big Bang????

November 27, 2010 2:16am CST
Kwon Ji Yong??? Kang Dae Sung??? Choi Seung Hyun??? Lee Seung Hyun??? Dong Yong Bae??? To me, Kwon Ji Yong oppa is the member who I love most in Big Bang. I love everything he has for no reason. His face, his voice, his song.... and everything. What about you??? Please tell me, who do you love most in Big Bang???
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30 Dec 10
Lee Seung Hyun is V.I. right? Well, Seungri is the only member I idolize. Though TOP is good too!
22 Jul 11
i like bigbang. i love TOP
• United States
28 Nov 10
I don't listen to Big Bang so I don't know -__- Sorry.
• Thailand
28 Nov 10
oh.... really... I think if you have free time, you should try even once. Because all members of that group are very talentted. Hope that you'll enjoy their music later. Have a nice weekend ^^
• Philippines
19 Jan 13
I love everyone! But if i'm going to rank them: first GD oppa, second TOP, third Daesung, fourth Seungri and fifth Tae Yang. :)
• Singapore
19 Dec 12
Looks like I'm the only DAESUNG bias here... Haha! I love him for his heavenly voice and heartwarming smile (as well as a ton of other reasons that will probably take 1 day to finish typing XD)~ Daesung saranghae~
@bjcyrix (6905)
• Philippines
8 Dec 12
Dong Young Bae - Also known as Taeyang, a member of the korean idol group BIG BANG.
Hiya! Im not surprised that the other responders are T.O.P biased. He is very charismatic after all and a close friend of mine is head over heels for Tabi. But no matter how gorgeous he might be I only see him as a "best friend" type (during the times Im delusional.haha) I am an admirer of Kwon Leader too. I have high respect for him and his many many talents.^_^ For DaeDae, I love his powerful voice. He has a wide range musically and is actually cute in person.^_^ For VI, for me he has a lot of heart and sick choreography^_^ Overall, I love the whole band but my heart flutters when I see Dong Young Bae's sweet smile. I Dong Young Bae. Yes I do!hahaha
@jrmika (60)
14 Oct 12
I like Choi Seung Hyun!he's really hot and he's voice are sexy .
15 Apr 12
I love them ;) My bias is T.O.P! that sexy voice, intense eyes, talented beatboxer, handsome face and oh~ that height :) second is, daesung! I love his quirky side - he's always meek and kind, not to mention, that hot bod :)