Is cashium dead?

November 27, 2010 7:37pm CST
Hello every one!!! Are there members of cashuim here? I only wanna ask is Cashuim dead, Its been a month since i was enable to login...
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• United States
28 Nov 10
I've moved on from Cashium, since it's apparent they won't be back anytime soon. I'm concentrating on other ways for me to make money, and I'm working on my writing so I'm keeping busy and making sure I earn my money.
@akp100 (13642)
• India
28 Nov 10
May be they are.. As this site is not opening currently .. I guess after paypal problem they aren't able to survive..
@mysdianait (66022)
• Italy
28 Nov 10
This might help:
@pogi253 (1586)
• Philippines
28 Nov 10
I check their website, it says This page is currently undergoing maintenance. Please check back later.
@gusto84 (237)
• Italy
28 Nov 10
Yes , the cashium might just reached the last days of it's life before turning to scam ... At the moment they claim thet theres some developement goin round , but for my they're closing up for good , as there's plenty othere websites that pays bether and are reliable since years , and some new websites are bether than it allso .
@angel107 (307)
• Germany
28 Nov 10
Nooooo!!! I hope they come back soon. I still have money there and I almost reach payout. I have to check again tomorrow and hopefully they will be back in business.