What sites do you visit For Games News, Gadget News, Movie news, and More??

November 28, 2010 4:11am CST
I always Visit www.IGN.com and www.gamespy.com... And Some times at www.gamespot.com, www.kotaku.com and www.megagames.com What about you guys?...
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@lazette (216)
• Philippines
19 Feb 11
Try N4G.com. It's a site of collective game news info that links to all different gaming sites available, including the ones you mentioned. Because seriously, there are some gaming sites that post faster than the ones you mentioned.
@greenline (14838)
• Canada
18 Feb 11
For games, I visit worldwinner.com I am a registered player there. They have a broad variety of games, some are for free play, some are with fees. Once in a while I do take part in the competition games with fees. This is quite a popular game site, with many members participating all the time.
@Sir_bobby88 (8231)
• Singapore
28 Nov 10
yea the best would be ign
• India
28 Nov 10
www.imdb.com for movie reviews. www.gamespot.com for all typo game reviews and www.techtree.com for gadget reviews. Need a better sitr for Indian Gadget sites. :(
• India
28 Nov 10
i like www.nexgendownload.tk
@bizurker (20)
• United States
2 Dec 10
I get most of my gaming news from headlines on a Diablo 2 forum I'm on all the time. The majority of the headlines lead to Inc Gamers news. Another good one I watch every week is done by Rooster Teeth; they have a series of vidoes on how to get Achievements for every kind of XBox 360 games. About nine months ago, they started a new segment called Achievement Hunter Weekly Update, AHWU, where they list the upcoming video game releases for the coming week, and the latest industry news for the past week. New videos are released every Monday, usually between 5-6 pm EST.