coffee or tea?

November 29, 2010 12:09am CST
What is best for you coffee or tea? I was a coffee drinker before...I love the taste and the aroma i can't resists. How ever I decided to quit due to some health problems and I decided to switch to tea but just minimal in take.What do you prefer coffee or tea?
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@jamuls (530)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
never did like tea... so coffee for me. i guess i would do the same thing as you did if my health problems starts sprouting.
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@androbot (89)
• India
18 Jan 11
I do not prefer either. Not that I don't drink coffee or tea. But if I am told that I would never get tea or coffee in my life, I wouldn't be affected. Afterall, it is just a drink and not oxygen that I couldn't live without it.
• India
30 Nov 10
Even I used to enjoy coffee a lot before.But now I prefer tea.Also according to me tea is one beverage that can come in many flavors and combination and still taste good.For example there is your regular tea,green tea,stress tea,ginger tea,iced tea,lemon tea and scores of other flavors.I am really amazed by the variety.And as a bonus, tea is also a true health beverage and has numerous health benefits.I think you should not really mind about switching over to tea from coffee.
@calajane (1003)
• Poland
29 Nov 10
Oh My, I am not sure if I can answer that question. I drink mostly tea. I simply have better access to good tea than I have to coffee. But when I go out, I always drink coffee. A big Mochacino or a latte. I adore coffee drinks. So I'd say I drink both, equally as much.
• Thailand
11 Dec 10
I like to drink tea. Because I know that tea is good for our health. Tea can help us avoid from some cancer especially green tea. So that, if you drink about a cup of tea per day, it's very very good for your health.
• United States
1 Dec 10
Definitely coffee. White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.