Do you wish to be young again, carefree and no responsibilities?

November 29, 2010 6:32am CST
I do, sometimes. When stress gets to you, we tend to think of our past and wish we could go back to the time where we play around, no work, and just lie all day. Being young and carefree in this world seems to be the right medicine when you are stressed-out. Do you feel the same way?
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@jaiho2009 (39156)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
hello, Oh yes,when i see little tykes playing in the rain,running here and there,having fun it makes me think of my childhood days,and wish that i am a little kid again. When i see little girls playing around ,i wish i can turn back the time when i was busy playing with my friends before and forget about homeworks. There are times that i dreamed of my childhood days,those carefree days and never knew what to worry and how to worry of anything. It's just now that i realized how lucky are those little ones being free from any worries,stress and responsibilities in this life. Have a good day always
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@garson (884)
• United States
17 Jan 11
Just looking at my 1 year old nephew, I wish I can be like him. No need to care about responsibilities - just play, be entertained, eat, sleep, and cry. Lots of times, we overlooked the idea of 'stress' as opportunities. It could be a step towards improvement, something new. G.
@allamgirl (2140)
• Philippines
1 Dec 10
Oh yes. I've always loved being a kid. It's so fun and carefree, no worries and no responsibilities to think about. Every adult is your hero because they can get you out of pretty much any trouble that you cause or that you get into. Your parents take care of everything for you and all you have to do is be the little charming kid that you are. Sometimes i wish that I could do what Peter Pan did, just stop growing up. But i guess Neverland only exist in fairy tales and children's stories.
• China
1 Dec 10
When I was young, I was carefree and have no responsibilities, however, I do not know the profoundness and the beauty of life. Now I am grown up. I can develop deeper understanding of my lie and this is a very good feeling. And I feel I am developing all the time. Therefore, I like to be an adult to have more control of my life.
• Philippines
21 Dec 10
yes i miss my childhood days nothing beats it. wish to go back to those carefree days and no responsibilities. when i didnt have to worry about work or lovelife when all i have to do is study and play.
@jer2911 (57)
• Philippines
5 Dec 10
being young is great! no exam to worry about or no responsibility to bear in mind. it's good to turn back time but at the same time, it's also great to be a young adult and start to explore the world.
@maximax8 (31069)
• United Kingdom
29 Nov 10
In a way I miss being your and carefree. In my younger days I had lots of enjoyment. My student days were fantastic. The time of the career is a busy time and a bit stressful. I have got a daughter aged 17 months old, a disabled 3 year old son and a 15 year old son. I miss that long travels that I used to go on. Now I go off traveling for two to three weeks every year.
@calajane (1003)
• Poland
29 Nov 10
I'm not entirely sure how to answer this question. For sure, I miss being carefree, without all the worries that I have now. I would do anything not to have to work or pay the bills. BUt being an adult does have its own advantages... And it's definitely good to try and work towards becoming less stressed. I guess you just need the right career move to achieve that!
29 Nov 10
I certainly do. I look at my own kids and I wish I was like them. If only I had the time to be bored and lounge around in my really cool bedroom! No, I do miss it, but I gues those days are gone now and we just have to keep them in our memories and be the adults that we are now, even though it is not much fun a lot of the time :(
@hushi22 (4928)
29 Nov 10
tbh, there are times that i wish to be a kid again because there are no worries. we only cause troubles to parents and older siblings. hehehe...
@katie0 (5204)
• Japan
29 Nov 10
if it was to stay the way i was at 16 sure, but to be like that forever, now if is just going back and learning all over again then no, i rather already be here as life would give me responsibilities one way or another :d
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
yes nothing beats my childhood days.. i miss those carefree days when you don't have to think about responsibilities such as career and lovelife. if i could have a chance i would go back to those days. i cherish my childhood memories.
@calpro (930)
• India
29 Nov 10
Yeah, I do tend to think sometimes like you do. When I am surrounded by so many things and so many things to be cleared from my end. I feel like just 16 years back I was the most carefree person enjoying every moment of life. It would be so nice if I could go back in a Time Machine. Again I smile to myself and keep doing my things. I think it happens with each and every one some time or the other in life time. Particularly when we are in tough times it happens for few minutes and again we get back to our work Happy Mylotting Calpro