In Future if Mars becomes a new home for man? Will it become like present Earth?

Mars as earth 2 - In Future if Mars becomes a new home for man? Will it become like present Earth?
@rajiv22 (167)
Chengalpattu, India
November 29, 2010 8:05am CST
With the current scientific and space research, many suggest that mars might become a new home for mankind. It even remains an unanswered question that life still exists on Mars and has existed in past. But with the evidence gathered by NASA's mariner 4, viking orbiters and latest phoenix lander in 2008, it showed that Mars has presence of Water, Methane atmosphere, Formaldehyde, rich in Silica, CO2 Geysers and cosmic radiations. Even Recent pictures by Viking 1 showed Hills with 'Face on mars' and some hills resembling 'Pyramids'! Now lets take some time in future, may be 2060 AD or 2150 AD, because of more population, destruction, and other things on earth, if Mars becomes a new second home for human. Will MARS become like earth in sense of political and geography? Now speaking understandably, Life on our planet had been from long long time ago, many centuries ago. With time many development, invensions, discoveries were made like from invension of fire and wheel to invension of different continents, giving different names to them, different type of people like Americans, africans, asians, europians and australians wer found, different countries, religion and things like that. These all came with many centuries. But MARS, it will come suddenly. Now my question is, Since MARS comes suddenly with all inventions already done by human from earth who occupies MARS. Will MARS become like Earth with different continents, Countries, Presidents and people? like Since if US(Nasa) first takes man on MARS, Will Mars be be called as United Stated of MARS? Or if UK, will it be United Kingdom at MARS? What do u think? Will Mars be called Earth 2 or new mars itself?
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@dpalais (130)
• Philippines
29 Nov 10
I think that's a weird idea. The idea that people may have a place at Mars maybe an idea between possible and impossible thing. I also have read an article that Mars is full of gas that is not good for the health unless humans body will change and can adapt the gas as a replacement of the oxygen...