Do you think that Manny Pacquiao is the best boxer in History?

@incus99 (1085)
November 30, 2010 10:07am CST
He is the first man to achieve 8 championship belts in different world division. What do you think?
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12 Feb 11
He is good, no dout, but best in history? Rocky Marcino, Mohamed Ali, etc. are greats also.
@tigeraunt (6331)
• Philippines
9 Dec 10
dear incus, pacquiao is a hero in the eyes of every filipino for being the only filipino who have won so many belts in the boxing arena. and i say, i have been a fan since his starting days in boxing. have a nice day. ann
• Philippines
9 Dec 10
yes pacman was so great boxer for me. and im so proud that we have a great boxing in the Philippines. pacman have an eight championship belt and all of the people was so impress to him. i love pacman and im so proud be a pilipino. more power to pacman
@stanley777 (9197)
• Philippines
4 Dec 10
In my opinion I think he is the best boxer in he world- because of the battles he has won. He is a true role model for all. He is God-fearing, patriotic, humble, a really nice person. I just hope politics won't destroy him..
@egsunio (76)
• Philippines
1 Dec 10
Depends on the basis we use, but for me, i think his achievement thus far is unrivaled and would be very difficult to duplicate. Using this as basis, he is the best boxer so far in the history of boxing. Not only did he win those titles, but he won them all against excellent boxers (most will probably be inducted into the hall of fame). And if one has seen his progress through the years, one would be amazed at how he continually improved to be the boxer that he is right now. This guy started out without no defense (his offense being his defense) and i was not too impressed at first with his style. Yes, he was a strong puncher but he was not that crafty. But not anymore. And i credit this to his passion and the help of Freddie Roach. Finally, he is the best boxer ever because he has shown, time and again, his humility, respect for his opponent and love of country and God. I haven't seen any boxer with these traits and achievements.
• Philippines
30 Nov 10
Being a Filipino I am very proud of Pacquiao, truly is the best boxer ever for me. Nonetheless, boxer champs like Ali has made a remarkable record on his time as well. I don't think no one yet has out beated such a record in history like an 8 division champion. I am looking forward that he would soon match up with Mayweather Jr. He is just amazing!